Arrival parking facilities for coaches directely in front of our guest house

At the habour ( about 20 metres away

„Wasserstraße“ ( about 150 metres away )

“Ulmenstraße” ( about 100 metres away )


From  Lübeck

from Schwerin

from Rostock

Along theLübsche Straße straight ahead until the roundabout, then left follow the  Ulmenstraße to the harbour

Along the Schweriner Straße up to the intersection,, then left, Dahlmannstraße until the roundabout, right turn into  Ulmenstraße and follow the Ulmenstraße to the harbour

Along the Rostocker Straße, over the bridge, at  the traffic lights turn right, Dr. Leberstraße, Bauhofstraße, Bahnhofstraße, Wasserstraße - habour (straight on)



Our Guest House