Guest house


  • All rooms are international standard, (more information)


equipment ; standard

TV, toilet, shower, quiet and centrally situated, direct on the old harbour

Excellent  possibilities to arrive by bus, train, car or ship ( more information at our map)

 We also have holiday apartments, for more information click here: reservation form

  • Centrally situated, you will have a direct view to the old harbour
  • You can reach us by bus, train or car ( see map)
  • You can park at our facility, which is 20 metres away from the harbour
  • Buses are able to park 50 metres away from our building, free of charge
  • You can reach the centre of the town, on foot, within 5 minutes
  • We offer a partially inclusive package, including breakfast and an evening meal
  • There are many restaurants near by

We can organize for you:

·        Sightseeing tours

·        Bus trips to the Island of Poel

·        deep-sea fishing in the Mecklenburg Bay

·        golf

·        tennis

·        horse back riding

·        dancing and live music

·        Visits to “Wonnemar” – leisure pool and recreation centre

·        seminars

·        parties and events

·        day outings to the coast

·        wellness and recreation activities

·        buffets

·        car and bus rentals

trips or hiking tours around Wismar


Experience an exciting tour around the old Hanseatic city of Wismar and experience the wide range of cultural and leisure facilities available in our town. There are  many possibilities to make your stay unforgettable,  for instance, the sport and fitness centre „ Wonnemar“, golf in village of Hohen Wiechendorf, our local cinema and theatre, and many more….

Take a moment to check out our special offers. Enjoy our traditional old Hanseatic city of Wismar, situated on the shores of the Baltic Sea. Get fascinated about the history of the ‘Hanse’.

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